Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Webinars

Power up your knowledge on Email Marketing and Marketing Automation with our super-explanatory Webinars! If you want to create the next perfect email marketing campaign for your business take a look below.

The Horrors of Black Friday: The Email Marketing Edition

In this webinar, you’ll see how some Black Friday emails got Jasoned, some could’ve been Freddy Krueger’s abhorrent phone calls.


Clicks vs. Sales: The big battle

Join our webinar to learn actionable tips, best practices, and things to avoid when it comes to promoting your affiliate offers.


eLearning Subject Lines: The Ambitious, the Clever, the Brave, and the Loyal

In this webinar, you’ll learn how your email subject line might be brave at heart, just and loyal, speaking to a ready mind, or addressed to cunning folks.


Summer Breeze and a Clean Email List: De-clutter and Laser-Target

Invalid email addresses, leads that won’t interact, hard bounces, and low deliverability are a hassle for all email marketers. Let us help with that!


Use Email Marketing to improve your Affiliate strategy

Join our webinar to learn actionable tips, best practices, and steps to avoid when entering the chamber of affiliate email marketing.


Valentine’s day customer retention: Turn your fly-bys into suitors

Learn how giving love to your customers in various different forms can keep them coming back for more. Nail the meaning of customer trust and loyalty this Valentine’s day, while ensuring you have all the right tools to do so.